[Sách] Oxford Practice Grammar New Edition 2019

Refreshed with a new design, Oxford Practice Grammar is a three-level English grammar practice series for the classroom or self-study. Its tried and trusted methodology provides clear explanations and lots of extra practice. Includes downloadable progress tests with each level.

Oxford Practice Grammar knows that students need different types of explanation and practice at each stage of their study. Basic provides lots of practice and short explanations; Intermediate gives you more detail with extended practice; Advanced gives challenging practice activities and in-depth explanations. Great for classroom or self-study.

  • NEW design presents each unit clearly to make the grammar topics easy to digest
  • Covers the grammar students need to know for international exams such as the Oxford Test of English, A2 Key – C2 Proficiency, IELTS and TOEFL
  • Regular revision units and tests help learners focus on the grammar they need to practise most
  • Downloadable progress tests available for each level
  • Exit tests make sure learners are ready for the next level of Oxford Practice Grammar

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