[Sách] Grammar Starter One Two Three Four with Jennifer

  • Sách] Grammar One by Jennifer Seidl ( New Third Edition) - Sách giấy gáy xoắn -  SÁCH TIẾNG ANH HÀ NỘI
  • Clear signposting of grammar topics and short units that can be used in any order make the books easy to use alongside any upper primary/lower secondary beginner’s course.
  • New full-colour illustrations will appeal to young learners.
  • New ‘Words to learn’ boxes in each unit add a vocabulary learning element, which is reinforced by new wordlists in each book.
  • New revision units in each Student’s Book provide additional practice and opportunities for reviewing the grammar topics.
  • New Audio CDs contain recordings of the dialogues and listening activities to fully exploit the materials in the Student’s Book.
  • Ideal for Cambridge Young Learners English Tests preparation.

Cả bộ gồm 5 cuốn: Starter – One – Two – Three and Four.

A gentle introduction to grammar for children, which presents grammar in familiar everyday situations.

File nghe của bộ này nghe TẠI ĐÂY.

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