[Sách] Cambridge Global English 10-12

Follow the Cambridge Global English (1-9) pathway with Cambridge Global English 10-12.

Cambridge Global English 10-12 is the ideal series for schools who want their students to follow an upper secondary English as a second language programme from ages 14-18. This series provides a clear continuation of the English as second language pathway at Stages 11 and 12 from Cambridge IGCSE, as well as mapping towards some common task types you will find in IELTS. The CEFR levels this course maps to are: Stage 10- B2, Stage 11: B2+ Stage 12: B2+/C1.

The Cambridge Global English 10-12 series has not been through the endorsement process, the chart shows which CEFR levels and qualification/ frameworks Cambridge Global English best supports.

Cambridge Global English 10-12 supports various outcomes. The course follows the effective learning journey begun with Cambridge Global English 1-9 and provides support for the cross-curricular demands of studying subjects in English at Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level.  The course also develops independent critical thinkers with 21st Century skills, and helps students take flight, equipping them with the skills and confidence in English for academic study at university.

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