[Sách] Oxford Let's Go 5th Edition (8 levels)

Cập nhật: 8 levels, mỗi level có Student Book và Workbook. Shop đã cập nhật đầy đủ sách ở phía dưới.

Energize your English classes with the trusted methodology of Let’s Go. Let’s Go is full of fun, collaborative activities that get students talking in English from the very beginning.

Language Level: A1-B1

  • Inspire students to enjoy learning in English with a trusted methodology and easy-to-use teaching tools. Let’s Go 5th Edition provides lively, motivating activities and offers plenty of opportunities for students to practice using the language they have learned.
  • NEW Engaging animated videos bring classes to life and motivate students to speak in English.
  • NEW two-level Let’s Begin series provides the perfect foundation for English Language learning, with alphabet tasks and activities on letters and sounds.
  • Three NEW Student Book reading texts and eight NEW Workbook reading texts with comprehension questions present fresh, exciting content that will appeal to students (Levels 1-6).
  • NEW Teacher’s Resource Center allows you to get the most out of your classes with an easy-to-access library of teaching resources.
  • Games, songs and chants in every unit offer fun and collaborative opportunities for students to practice using the language they have learned.
  • NEW Online Play Student’s Website provides interactive games to retain students’ interest and make learning more enjoyable.

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