[Sách] Cambridge in Use : tất cả các sách thuộc serie "In Use" của Cambridge

Khu vực này tập hợp tất cả sách của Nhà xuất bản Cambridge có chữ “IN USE”. Có gần 70 cuốn, shop sẽ cập nhật đầy đủ.

Serie sách này gồm các mảng kiến thức sau:

  • Grammar : Comprehensive, easy to use and flexible, the grammar reference and practice books cover all levels from elementary to advanced. There are also bilingual editions, ebooks and mobile apps, all written with the learner in mind. Choose your Grammar in Use.
  • Vocabulary : The Vocabulary series gives you the words you need to communicate with confidence. Whether the focus is on general vocabulary, business vocabulary or on specific areas such as collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs, there is an in Use to meet your needs.


  • Pronunciation : The Pronunciation series focuses on helping you to understand English and to be understood. Simple explanations, guidance, plenty of practice activities and lots of free, downloadable audio help with both listening and speaking skills. Choose your Pronunciation in Use.
  • Professional and Academic : Whether your specialty is Engineering, Finance, ICT, Law, Management, Marketing or Medicine, there’s a Professional or Academic in Use for you. These reference and practice books are ideal if you’re studying or you need to use specialist vocabulary in the workplace. Choose your Professional or Academic English in Use.
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