[Sách] Macmillan - Grammar Goals (Tất cả 6 levels)

[Sách] Macmillan - Grammar Goals 1 Pupil's Book - Sách giấy gáy xoắn
Bộ sách gồm 6 levels viết về Ngữ Pháp của NXB Macmillan dành cho lứa tuổi tiểu học.

Grammar Goals is a new six-level grammar series for children aged 6-12 years. With editions in both British and American English, it presents and practises grammar in lively and meaningful age-appropriate contexts that reflect pupils’ real lives and interests. Linked to the Cambridge and Trinity external exam syllabuses, Grammar Goals offers regular exam-style practice tasks in the Pupil’s Books.
The visually appealing nature of the course ensures that grammar is presented in a child-friendly format that keeps pupils actively involved in learning the language form, function and meaning. The careful staging of the units provides three levels of challenge and success – bronze, silver and gold – helping students reflect on their progress and aim for higher goals.

The Grammar Goals Pupil’s Book packs include a Pupil’s Book and a CD-ROM. Each full colour Grammar Goals Pupil’s Book has 10 units per level plus a two-page exam practice & writing development section and reference material. The Grammar Workout CD-ROM includes interactive grammar activities, that support the material covered in each unit.

The Grammar Goals Teacher’s Book Pack includes the Teacher’s Book and the Class Audio CD. The Teacher’s Book has full lesson notes for every unit of the Pupil’s Book, along with extra activities and photocopiable material. The Audio CD includes all the audio necessary and the webcode gives teachers access to a wealth of extra information.

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