[Sách] Macmillan Skillful (2nd Edition)

Bộ sách cực hay này gồm 5 levels: Foundations – 1-2-3-4 . Mỗi level lại có 2 cuốn : 1 cuốn cho Nghe-Nói và 1 cuốn cho Đọc – Viết. Mỗi cuốn đều có thêm 1 cuốn sách Teacher Book tương ứng dành cho giáo viên. (sách teacher book có đáp án)

Skillful Second Edition – Solve the academic puzzle

Skillful Second Edition is a 5-level Academic English course designed for students in university programmes. Its rigorous step-by-step approach develops language proficiency and academic skills, helping students perform at their best.

Skillful Second Edition engages and challenges students with interesting and relevant topics, using fresh, dynamic content and meaningful academic tasks. The material in this latest edition, enhanced with all new digital content, encourages learners to study and analyse a wide range of ideas and problems in order to form and express their own opinions with the confidence needed to achieve academic success.

AUDIO của bộ sách này nghe TẠI ĐÂY.

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