[Sách] Macmillan Skillful (1st Edition)

Luu ý: Hiện tại trên website này đã có phiên bản mới hơn (2nd Edition).

Bộ sách gồm 5 levels: Từ Foundation đến 1-2-3-4. Mỗi level có 2 cuốn Reading-Writing và Listening-Speaking. Xem chi tiết phía dưới.

killful is a five-level course taking students from foundation to advanced. Each level includes both a Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing coursebook that complement each other through parallel topics and features. Skillful not only provides the tools for academic success but creates an interactive learning environment which encapsulates student debate.

There would be no surprise to find out that Skillful follows a skills-based approach. What is refreshing, however, is that each unit has been carefully compiled to encourage students to think more laterally about the English language, their studies, and the world around them. The students are first exposed to the unit topic through a more familiar, or global passage with approachable vocabulary to ensure they’re composed and confident with their task. The second, and longer text has more detail so necessitates the student to think more, requiring them to engage fully with the associated tasks.

Skillful provides a strong focus on study skills supplying students with practical guidance and support, touching on new life skills such as time management, organization and preparation, while building confidence for independent learning throughout their university career. In order to successfully implement these skills, at the end of every unit in both the Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing coursebooks there is a dedicated study skills task. In every other unit, the last page presents an example scenario about a student, and asks the reader to think critically about whether they demonstrated success or showed a need for improvement.

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