[Sách] E-Future My Next Grammar (1st Edition)

[Sách] My Next Grammar 2 Student's Book & 2 Tests - Sách giấy gáy xoắn
My Next Grammar is the following series to My First Grammar. Constructed with the learner at the center of the design, the grammar concepts and activities included in this book are designed to meet the needs of upper elementary school students.
My Next Grammar’s main focus is to present grammar targets in an achievable way while challenging students at the same time. By providing age-appropriate grammar structures, sentences, and activities, this series helps students maintain a feeling of success and interest throughout their studies.
  • American English Spiral syllabus
  • Cumulative quizzes at the beginning of each lesson
  • Systematic introduction of grammar points
  • Various in-depth exercises
  • Grammar consolidation through contents reading and personalization
  • Concise grammar summaries at the end of each lesson
  • Fun comics
  • Two sets of complete progress tests
  • Toàn bộ file nghe của bộ sách này TẠI ĐÂY ( có thể nghe trên mọi thiết bị có internet).
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