[Chia sẻ] Tất cả bộ sách Pre-primary and Primary của NXB Pearson

Pre-primary and Primary

Introduce young learners to English with engaging courses and build their confidence with age-appropriate assessments and certificates.


Excite and motivate pre-primary and primary English learners of all abilities with carefully paced content and activities that make learning English fun.

Fantasy Adventurers

Imagination-sparking stories, games and activities that bring English learning to life.

  • Pre-primary courses
  1. My Disney Stars and Friends
  2. My Little Island
  • Primary courses
  1. My Disney Stars and Heroes
  2. New English Adventure
  3. Poptropica series

Inquisitive Minds

Discover hands-on, investigations, creative tasks, and experiments through CLIL, STEAM.

  • Pre-primary courses
  1. New Big Fun
  • Primary courses
  1. English Code
  2. Fly High
  3. Now I Know!
  4. SuperKids

World Explorers

Create global citizens of tomorrow by building real-world knowledge and skills.

  • Pre-primary courses
  1. Let’s Learn About
  • Primary courses
  1. Big English series
  2. New Cornerstone
  3. Rise and Shine
  4. Team Together


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