[Sách] Reading Future COLLECTION (7 cấp độ)

Bộ sách này gồm 7 cấp độ, mỗi cấp độ lại có chia làm 3 cuốn nhỏ đánh số 1-2-3. Quý khách sau khi thanh toán đơn hàng sẽ được  shop gửi audio (mp3), script , wordlist.

  • Starter
  • Dream
  • Discover
  • Develop
  • Connect
  • Change
  • Create

  • Informative passages covering various fields related to the future
  • Interesting topics covering a wide range of subjects, including social studies, science, geography, math,economics, history, art, music, literature, language arts, P.E., and more
  • Reading skill exercises to develop ability to understand the structure of the passages through graphicorganizers
  • Projects based around 21st Century Skills
  • Colorful images which show real-life topics and situations
  • Free downloadable materials provided on our homepage
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