[Sách] Oxford Starlight

Mỗi level có các sách sau:

  • Student Book 
  • Workbook
  • Teacher Book
  • Flashcards (NXB chỉ làm cho các level 1-2-3-4)

Đây là bộ giáo trình tiếng Anh dành cho cấp tiểu học. Toàn bộ file nghe (AUDIO) của giáo trình này nghe trực tiếp trên máy tính hoặc điện thoại tại đây.

Using a clear ‘engage – practice – communicate’ approach in every lesson, Starlight’s lively stories, songs, projects, CLIL lessons and high-level course syllabus help students master the language they need for exams and develop their 21st century skills.

  • Language Level: 6 levels (pre-A1 – B1)

Starlight is an engaging story-based course with a fresh, modern design.

Every lesson in Starlight follows a clear Engage – Practice – Communicate approach. Lively and imaginative stories with lovable characters introduce new language in every unit, and songs, role plays and games give students plenty of opportunities to practise new vocabulary and grammar, and communicate with one another.

Exciting projects, CLIL lessons and cross-curricular videos link English to the world outside the classroom and develop students’ 21st century skills.

The carefully-designed grammar, vocabulary and skills syllabus ensures that students develop the language they need for success in Cambridge Young Learner and KET examinations.

The flexible teaching package offers an array of easy-to-use support resources, providing students with lots of opportunities to practise and consolidate their learning.

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