[Sách] e-future My Next Reading ( 6 levels)

Học xong bộ này thì đọc bộ  My Best Reading .

– Age: Elementary

– Level: A1

– Components: Student Book with Workbook and CD, Downloadable Teacher’s Kit

My Next Reading is a six-level reading series for young learners. The series features a variety of topics related to school subjects, which increase learners’ interest in reading English. The lengths of the stories are carefully controlled so that learners can gradually improve their reading ability. Each story is followed by a visualizing activity that leads learners to better understand the story. With a large selection of well-designed activities, learners will expand their vocabulary, write sentences, and speak with partners. The series equips learners to be proficient and confident readers.

 Based on balanced reading approach
 School subject-related topics
 Interesting fictional and nonfictional stories
 Visualizing activities
 Fun wrap-up activities
 Speaking worksheets