[Sách] Cambridge Mathematics Teacher's Resource (1st Edition)

TRỌN BỘ Cambridge Primary Mathematics Teacher’s Resource 1-2-3-4-5-6 : TIỂU HỌC

TRỌN BỘ Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Teacher’s Resource 7-8-9 : Trung học lớp 6-7-8

Sách này dành cho các giáo viên dạy hệ Cambridge của Nguyễn Siêu, Vinschool hoặc Alfred Nobel. Hoặc các giáo viên tự mở lớp, các phụ huynh tự kèm con học ở nhà.

Cambridge Primary Mathematics teacher’s resource will fully support teachers to get the best from their learners and effectively use the learner’s book and games book. Detailed lesson plans based on the course objectives are offered, along with additional activity ideas. Teachers will be guided to formatively assess their learners’ understanding. They will have the confidence to engage the class in mathematical discussion and encourage learners to justify answers and make connections between ideas. Answers to the learner’s book and all photocopiable sheets required are provided.

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