[Sách] Cambridge Global English Teacher's Resource (Grade 1-9) 1st Edition

TRỌN BỘ Cambridge Global English Teacher’s Resource 1 đến 9

Sách này dành cho các giáo viên dạy tiếng Anh hệ Cambridge của Nguyễn Siêu, Vinschool hoặc Alfred Nobel. Hoặc các giáo viên tự mở lớp, các phụ huynh tự kèm con học ở nhà.

Cambridge Global English Teacher’s Resource provides step-by-step guidance notes for teachers for each lesson in every unit to support teaching the content of Learner’s Book . Notes on Activity Book are also included. A unit overview provides a snapshot of lesson objectives and the language and skills covered. The notes include answer keys to activities in the Learner’s Book and Activity Book, complete audio scripts, suggestions for differentiation and assessment, cross-curricular links, portfolio opportunities and additional unit-linked photocopiable activities and unit-based wordlists.

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