[Sách] Oxford American English File (1st Edition)

Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology, engaging texts, and a strong pronunciation syllabus – designed to get students speaking.

Language Level: High beginner to High-Intermediate With texts and topics that make learners want to speak, American English File is the course that gets students talking.

It gives you full skills coverage with a clear focus on pronunciation, plus wide-ranging support and resources too.

Resources include iTools for interactice whiteboard or data projector, Test Generator CD-ROMs, DVDs, Multi-ROMs, and websites.

The highly popular teacher’s site has extra lesson ideas and resources for you to download.

Toàn bộ file nghe sách này tại đây.

Lưu ý: Hiện tại có các bộ  Oxford English File lưu hành như sau, Quý khách phân biệt để dễ dàng chọn mua sách theo nhu cầu:

• English file AME 1st (phiên bản Mỹ)
• English file AME 2nd (phiên bản Mỹ)
• English File AME 3rd (phiên bản Mỹ)
• English File 3rd
• English File 4th
• New English File

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