[Sách] Close-Up New (3rd Edition 2022)

5 Levels : A2/ B1/ B1+ / B2/ B2+
Elementary to Upper Intermediate
British English
Up to 3 Teaching Hours/Week


New Close-up helps learners get closer to the world through dynamic photography, video and real-world stories from National Geographic. Relevant, global topics, paired with a comprehensive four-skills syllabus, promote the key language and life skills teenagers need to succeed in international exams, in the classroom and in their future careers.

New to This Edition
  • The content of each unit has been extensively revised to be up-to-date, engaging and aligned with the global viewpoint of today’s students. A clear new design helps students and teachers navigate each unit with ease.
  • All exam tasks and tips in the Student’s Book and Workbook have been updated to reflect the Cambridge 2020 update for Key and Preliminary. An all-new ExamView test generator provides further opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the exam formats and prepare for exam success.
  • Brand-new ‘Live well, study well’ lessons focus on life and study skills to help equip students with the competencies they need to manage their academic and personal lives. Students engage with texts and useful tips on topics such as managing stress, social media and friendships. Activities are designed to promote independent thought and stimulate discussion. Each lesson culminates in a project that encourages learner autonomy and provides opportunities for students to practise presentation skills and working in a team.
  • Every Student’s Book contains six fascinating new videos to give students the opportunity to engage with authentic audio-visual content. These videos were selected to expand students’ knowledge of the world they live in, while accompanying tasks in the Student’s Book aid comprehension and promote further discussion of the topic.

In line with the latest CEFR benchmarking, New Close-up includes at least two mediation activities in each unit. Notes on how to approach these and get the most out of them are included in the Teacher’s Book.

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