[Sách] Everyone Speak! - English speaking series for beginners

Bộ sách này gồm các bộ nhỏ như sau:

  • Everyone Speak 1-2-3
  • Everyone Speak Beginner 1-2-3
  • Everyone Speak Kids 1-2-3

Everyone, Speak! Kids – A three-level speaking series designed for low beginners.

Key Features:
– High frequency key words and expressions build speaking fluency
– Show and tell presentations improve students’ public speaking skills
– Lively hands-on activities make learning how to speak English enjoyable
– Fun and challenging speaking tasks allow students to gain speaking confidence
– Cheerful songs and chants familiarize students with basic words and expressions
– Interesting cartoons introduce conversations and role-play situations
– The MultiROM contains exciting games and role-play functions.

Everyone, Speak! Beginner – students build basic communication skills and presentation skills through role-play and storytelling activities. Attractive images are used to introduce each activity and help students engage themselves in the specific situations presented. The characters used in the series have been taken from classic tales. These familiar characters attract students” attention and allow them to easily relate to the content. With Everyone, Speak! Beginner, students learn English in a fun and active way while building strong foundations for further study.

Key Features:
– Level-appropriate key words and structures improve students” speaking fluency
– Role-plays help students expand basic conversations into longer, more meaningful exchanges
– Personalized role-play scripts and stories give students opportunities to use their creativity during role-play and storytelling presentations
– Picture-based content allows students to imagine different situations, and then analyze and discuss what they see and think with their peers.

Everyone, Speak! – A speaking series designed for high-beginner to intermediate learners.

Key Features:
– Each level features a balanced mix of activities designed to improve communication skills and presentation skills
– Pair work and group work activities encourage students to participate in communication practice, and to share and discuss ideas with their peers
– Age-appropriate topics improve students’ critical thinking and provide learners with the tools to succeed on speaking tests
– MultiROMs provide interactive activities, including model conversations and presentations with integrated record-and-compare and role-play functions.


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