[Sách] Target PET

Target PET prepares students for Cambridge ESOL’s PET exam. Essential exam practice, tips and strategies are combined with fun, communicative activities, ensuring lessons are varied and engaging – and that students are ready for their exam.
The Student’s Book contains 12 topic – based units, providing 40-50 hours of core material, and can be used either as a short intensive course or to accompany a general English course.
The Teacher’s Book provides lesson plans, activity ideas and exam-taking advice to accompany each spread of the Student’s Book – with answers and tapescripts right next to each activity.
The innovative Exam Trainer CD – ROM provides a step-by-step guide to the exam
The twelve worksheets follow the topics from the Target PET Student’s Book and provide extra practice of the vocabulary students need for the exam.
Each worksheet contains a series of communicative activities taking students from controlled practice to freer practice
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