[Sách] Sunburst by Pearson Longman - English Course for Children 2009

Sách] Sunburst 1 Primary Activity Book – Sách giấy gáy xoắn - SÁCH TIẾNG ANH HÀ NỘI

Sunburst – this course planned and designed to provide you with interesting social situations that will engage your students in learning English as a second language. We selected different contexts within the learning environments that may be attractive, and in which your students will naturally use the language to communicate. Sunburst aims towards communicative interaction using the language as a cognitive and refl exive tool. Get ready to shine while learning English. This book is for you to enjoy every activity with the guide of your teacher and accompanied by your classmates. You will explore interesting themes that will provide you with opportunities to develop your skills and gradually be able to communicate efficiently. Here you will find games, information about other cultures, amusing reading selections and overall you will have the chance to share your own experiences and create fabulous products using a second language. Do your best and have fun!

Key Features:

Promote reading through appropriate material for students’ age and interests
Present models to review social practices of the language
Practice critical thinking and problem solving
Develop reading skills
Stimulate creativity and imagination
Provide new vocabulary words
Foster research skills.

  • Sunburst Primary 1-2-3-4

  • Sunburst Secondary 1-2-3

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