[Sách] Young Learners Go! Move with English

Young Learners Go! is a complete English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course that gives young learners a solid foundation and a positive first experience in learning English.
* Relevant: teaches English through meaningful themes and practical contexts that are relevant to learners’ daily lives
* Based on the multiple intelligences theory: designed to introduce and reinforce language items through specially crafted activities that engage the multiple intelligences in learners
* Spiral progression teaching: allowing for a complete understanding and acquisition of the language for learners
* Learner-centric : develops learners’ ownership of the language
* User-friendly: ensures navigation between the Pupil’s Book and Workbook is effortless
* Supports: parents and teachers with the aid of the Teacher’s Guide
Toàn bộ file nghe của bộ sách này TẠI ĐÂY ( có thể nghe trên mọi thiết bị có internet).
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