[Sách] Visible Thinking in Mathematics

The Visible Thinking in Mathematics series promotes critical and creative thinking in mathematics. It is designed to make thinking visible by providing pupils with opportunities to think aloud, explore their thoughts and reflect on their reasoning.

While practice leads to better performance, practice without contextual and conceptual understanding prevents pupils from thinking critically and creatively. In this series, instead of learning procedures and formulas by rote, pupils master concepts through:

  • Thinking routines
    Functional questions to direct the pupil’s thinking on key concepts and cultivate his/her thinking skills
  • Parallel questions
    Consecutive mathematical problems with the same context but different keywords to highlight differences between problems, ensuring that the pupil understands and retains concepts and skills better

This approach not only instils in the pupil mathematical skills but also inspires discipline in thinking and greater motivation for learning.

Additional support is provided to the pupil through Notes. Notes present opportunities for parents and teachers to clarify misconceptions, simplify difficult concepts and address areas of difficulty for the pupil.

All books have been updated to align to the latest syllabus.

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