[Sách] Targeting Mathematics - Star Publishing

Trọn bộ gồm 28 cuốn. Gồm các level từ 1 đến 6. Sách Toán Singapore dành cho cấp tiểu học.


The Targeting Mathematics series uses the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to mathematics teaching and learning. This allows teachers to introduce mathematical concepts to suit a range of cognitive levels.

Concrete materials introduce young learners to mathematical concepts through real-world experiences. This enhances pupils’ understanding and helps to build confidence in mathematics. Pictorial examples use illustrations and photographs to help pupils visualise core concepts and assist during problem solving.

Abstract examples provide pupils with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the use of mathematical symbols and relate the use of these symbols with the concrete and pictorials examples previously learnt.

Engage Pupils

  • Abundant visuals to capture pupils’ interest

Build Knowledge

  • Play and Learn component in textbook enables pupils’ to reinforce their understanding of the concepts
  • Further practice is provided in the workbooks, homework and enrichment book’s activities

Build Confidence

Show and Say in textbook allows pupils to share what they have learnt with their classmates

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