[Sách] Spectrum Hands-On Math

Spectrum workbooks are well-known as supplemental, grade level practice that is just the right amount of instruction with application to be an effective tool for parents and teachers. Now they’ve added a multi-sensory element with new kits! Each book comes in a hardcover format with a big spiral binding. There are 96 consumable workbook pages to complete and an answer key in the back. And then we add the fun! About 10 pages of sturdy cardstock have colorful manipulatives to cut out and use with the workbook pages. These may be counters, a number chart, tens and ones blocks, fraction circles, number cards, tangrams, 3D shapes to cut and assemble, and more! A clear vinyl pouch holds all the cut pieces right in the book. The front and back covers fold out and can be used as a wipe-off surface with a dry erase marker (not included). The design is clever and well-contained. Pages are colorful and engaging. You can use these alongside your curriculum during the school year, or as summer practice to keep skills tip-top. These are perfect for any learner, but your visual and hands-on learners will appreciate the graphic appeal and interaction with concepts that involve handling math manipulatives. ~Sara

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