[Sách] Pearson Shake Up Science

Shake Up Science – is a communicative, inquiry based science course for Primary English Language Learner that uses the 5E teaching sequence, encouraging learners to discover new ideas, test what they mean and evaluate their understanding of concepts. Shake Up Science is a six level science series for primary education designed for schools with between two and four hours a week of science instruction. This visually attractive series boasts not only activities that develop cognitive science skills but also practical tasks that can be carried out in class or at home. Digital resources reinforce and extend students’ learning. Shake Up Science successfully integrates language learning with content and additionally encourages students to be responsible for their own learning in a variety of Assessment for Learning exercises. Shake Up Science is divided into nine units. Each unit includes an opener page, nine lesson pages, a Let’s I nvestigate! Lab page, and a review page. A Big Question guides each unit to develop students’ thinking in one of four categories: Science, Engineering, and Technology; Life Science; Earth Science; or Physical Science.


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