[Sách] Pearson KS3 Maths Progress (Maths Progress 2014)

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Our KS3 Maths Progress course:

  • has the same unique mastery approach and unit structure with in-built differentiation as our Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics course
  • is developed to help build confidence in mathematics and prepare your students for GCSE
  • caters for all attainment levels with differentiated Student Books
  • focuses on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning skills while providing plenty of extra practice on every topic
  • supports your planning, teaching, and assessing of students’ progress.
  • Full ability range: Pi (Tier 1), Theta (Tier 2) and Delta (Tier 3)

CHI TIẾT VỀ BỘ SÁCH NÀY: https://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/secondary/subjects/mathematics-secondary/ks3-maths-progress-2014

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