[Sách] Pearson English Firsthand (5th Edition)

English Firsthand (5th Edition)

Marc Helgesen, John Wiltshier, Steven Brown. Series Editor: Michael Rost

Levels: 4 levels | TOEIC®: 250 – 550 | CEFR: A1 – B1

Language: American English

  • Learning Acceleration Videos include a Conversation Model plus English in Action (a story that reinforces language functions and target expressions) and Presentation Model (short videos with a presentation on the topic and tips for student presentations)
  • MyMobileWorld is a Moodle-based online component, its LMS allows teachers to easily monitor learner participation and progress, and conduct flipped classrooms
  • The Red Ball Curriculum differentiates essential, core activities from additional ones with numbers in red on each page
  • Real Stories has evolved and now the last page of each unit has activities that provide interactive practice of the four skills as well as critical thinking and presentation activities
  • Assessment for Learning is a practice test and self-check on every two units
  • A Wealth of Free Resources is available on the companion website and the teacher resource website

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