[Sách] OXFORD Let's Chant Let's Sing ( 6 levels)

Chants and songs for children which reinforce important points and/or grammatical structures in American English.
Key features
  + The six books in the series are collections of chants and songs by noted songwriter Carolyn Graham, creator of Jazz Chants.
  + The collections include all the songs and chants from Let’s Go levels 1-6, plus many more thematically related chants and songs. They can be used with Let’s Go or independently.
  + They are all based on frequently used language functions and grammatical structures.
  + They can be used for previewing language, reinforcement, review – or simply as a great way of adding fun to your classes by appealing to children’s love of rhythm and music.
  + Attractive illustrations provide a context for each song or chant.
  + Accompanying Cassettes and CDs feature adult and children’s performances of the songs and chants, along with karaoke versions (music only).
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