[Sách] Oxford International Primary Computing (2nd Edition 2020)

Oxford International Primary Computing

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A project-based approach to computing that equips students with the skills they need for the digital world.

A complete six year primary computing course that takes a real-life, project-based approach to teaching young learners the vital computing skills they will need for the digital world. Each unit builds a series of skills towards the creation of a final project, with topics ranging from designing your own robot to programming simple games and creating an online yearbook.

To download source files for these books, go to www.oxfordowl.co.uk, then navigate to ‘Oxford International Primary Programme’ and ‘Oxford International Computing’.

  • Focusses on key computing skills, such as working with text and data, image editing, logic and programming.
  • Assists students (and teachers!) with important everyday computing skills, such as how to use the internet safely, be responsible on social media, and assess which sources are trustworthy and credible.
  • Teacher’s Guides provide support for specialist and non-specialist teachers of computing.
  • All project materials will be available for download as editable files to adapt to your specific teaching requirements.
  • Builds a solid foundation for Oxford International Lower Secondary Computing.

Series contains:

  • 6 Student Books
  • 2 Teacher Guides
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