[Sách] Oxford Family and Friends PLUS Grammar and Vocabulary Builder (2nd Edition British) 1-2-3

Second Edition

Family and Friends 2nd Edition Plus builds on language learnt in Family and Friends 2nd Edition Levels 1-3, helping students to expand their vocabulary and develop their understanding of grammar.

  • Extended grammar structures, and 150 new vocabulary items per level.
  • Two pages of presentation and two pages of practice in every unit.
  • Strong communicative focus, with practice in all four skills.
  • Unit topics match Family and Friends 2nd Edition Levels 1-3.
  • All-in-one Class Book and Workbook keeps presentation and practice in one place.
  • Extended Practice activities at the end of each unit offer more challenge for confident students.
  • Grammar reference and wordlist.
  • Teacher’s notes and flashcards available to download from the Teacher’s website.
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