[Sách] Oxford English - Get Ready!

[Sách] Oxford English - Get Ready! 2 Pupil's Book - Sách giấy gáy xoắn
Bộ sách này chỉ có 2 levels .
Get Ready! is a lively two-level course for children who are learning English for the first time. It is based around songs and activities, carefully matched to the interests of young learners, and suitable for use with large or small classes.
Get Ready! teaches pupils to say and understand a basic English vocabulary and a small number of useful expressions. It teaches numbers and the letters of the alphabet and introduces pupils to the early stages of reading and writing.
Get Ready! is the ideal preparation for English at primary level, giving pupils that basic knowledge and feeling for English which is the foundation of successful learning.
The core of the course consists of the Pupil’s Books and the accompanying cassettes. For each level there is also an Activity Book, Handwriting Book and Numbers Book. Each level has a Teacher’s Book, providing detailed guidance on the use of the materials.
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