[Sách] Our World (2nd Edition AME)

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Achieve more with Our World, Second Edition, a best-selling seven-level series for young learners of English.

Experience more of the real world with content that motivates learners to use English, including surprising photography, meaningful stories and readings, immersive video, and incredible National Geographic Explorers.

Learn more about the world through cross-curricular topics that challenge learners and deepen their understanding of the world in English.

Help learners achieve more through collaborative projects, extensive critical thinking and visual literacy work, and activities that inspire meaningful thinking and sharing.

Our World truly brings the world into the classroom and improves learning outcomes, motivating learners to use English to show the world what they can do — and achieve more.

Primary/Young Learners
7 Levels
True Beginner to Pre-intermediate
American and British English
Up to 6 Teaching Hours/Week

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