[Sách] Oxford geog.123 (KS3)

Đây là bộ sách về địa lý (geography) của  NXB Oxford.

geog.123 (KS3)

Found to have a positive impact on students’ preparedness for GCSE study.

  • This is a really good series of books for KS3. The book is appealing to kids and nicely graded. There are plenty of bright images and the content is bang up to date so the case studies are relevant…The layout is clear and appealing and the exercises are practical and, for the most part, interesting…It’s probably my favourite KS3 geography resource…The workbooks are good too.The geog.1 textbook looks very good. Diverse range of topics which we hope will be interesting for Year 7 pupils. The main difficulty has been in deciding what to leave out of our scheme of work as we don’t have time to cover it all. Loads of activities to choose from so individual teachers can tailor their lessons to the characteristics of each class.

    Series contains:

    • 3 Student Books
    • 3 Workbooks
    • 3 Workbook Answer Books for teachers
    • 3 Teacher’s Handbooks
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