[Sách] Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths (2nd Edition 2021) New Edition (0862)

Dưới đây là các bộ sách Toán mới nhất của NXB Collins cho hệ cambridge cấp 2 (lớp 6-7-8).

Phiên bản cũ hơn xuất bản 2018 xem tại đây

Develop students’ maths mastery and confidence with this fully updated Lower Secondary Maths course offering comprehensive coverage of the new curriculum framework. A strong emphasis on Thinking and Working Mathematically is integrated throughout.

  • Offer full coverage of the curriculum framework with a Student’s Book, Workbook and Teacher’s Guide – also available in eBook format
  • Offer worked examples with clear and detailed explanations to build learner independence
  • Provide students’ opportunities to review and consolidate learning and reflect on their progress
  • Promote and assess the Cambridge Thinking and Working Mathematically characteristics through the course
  • Support the Cambridge Global Perspectives™ programme with a section highlighting activities that could be used to develop and practise the Global Perspectives skills
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