[Sách] Cambridge Science Path (6 levels - 2020)

A dynamic, inquiry-based learning series for English teachers teaching science.

It all begins with a question! Science Path is a dynamic skills course through which students can practice their English, broaden their vocabulary, and improve their language skills. An inquiry-based approach to learning that aids in the development of thinking skills. The contents are presented in the format of a scrapbook, closer to the way children learn things out of the classroom. Like a magazine, the course includes fun facts, games and interesting questions (and even a few jokes!) to appeal to children’s natural curiosity.

Key features

  • Inquiry-based learning means students learn through discovery while developing critical and creative thinking – investigate, look back, find out, create
  • Inquiry-based teaching means a scientifically proven method to improve students’ learning
  • Units based around Big Questions develop critical thinking, research and language skills
  • Scaffolding tools to aid better comprehension of texts
  • Fun and practical experiments and projects, and video documentaries aid students’ understanding of the main themes and topics.



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