[Sách] Cambridge Interchange (Fifth Edition 2017) American English

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  • Intro / Intro A/ Intro B
  • Level 1 / Level 1A /Level 1B
  • Level 2 / Level 2A/ Level 2B
  • Level 3 / Level 3A /Level 3B

Interchange is a four-level, American English course that has been used by over 50 million students worldwide.

This edition has been developed with insights from thousands of experienced teachers. The series delivers a communicative approach, flexible unit structure and easy to use digital support, giving teachers the tools they need, and empowering students to achieve their goals. Teachers choose Interchange because it works. Every unit in Interchange Fifth Edition contains two cycles, each of which has a specific topic, grammar point, and function.

The units contain a variety of exercises, including a Snapshot, Conversation, Perspectives, Grammar focus, Pronunciation, Discussion (or Speaking), Word power, Listening, Writing, Reading, and Interchange activity. The sequence of these exercises differs from unit to unit.

Interchange by Jack Richards et al. Published by Cambridge University Press.

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