[Sách] Cambridge Be Curious (Updated edition) 6 levels

Be Curious is a six-level primary course ideal for children with little or no prior knowledge of English. It takes learners from Pre A1 Starters to an exit level of A2 Key for Schools, following exactly the same tried and tested approach as the higher-level (B1) Life Adventures course.  Be Curious provides comprehensive official preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications and is jointly published with Cambridge Assessment English.

NEW This updated edition offers full coverage and evaluation of the LOMLOE competencies for pupils and teachers, as well as new digital resources on Cambridge One. Levels 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the updated edition will be published in 2022, with levels 4 and 6 coming in 2023.

  • Presentation Plus: classroom presentation tool with the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book with interactive activities and answers, integrated audio and video and teacher’s book; animated stories; games; digital flashcards and the digital mission posters.
  • Teacher Resource Bank: Vocabulary & Grammar worksheets, Skills worksheets, Culture worksheets, project evaluation templates for the missions and a complete Cambridge English practice test in each level. Now also includes learner and teacher facing evaluation templates with descriptors to help assess the key competencies in the LOMLOE.
  • Test Generator: editable unit, mid-year and final tests at three levels. Young Learners and A2 Key for Schools practice tests are also included.


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