[Sách] Oxford Project 3rd Edition

Lưu ý: Đây là phiên bản cũ (third Edition). Trên website này hiện đã có phiên bản Fourth Edition mới hơn.

Project third edition is a five-level primary and secondary English course, trusted by teachers and loved by students worldwide.

Project third edition encourages students to enjoy the process of learning, through updated content and a wealth of materials.

It motivates students with engaging texts, topics, and activities across all five levels. The logical structure and clear approach provide a solid base for learning, as the course presents real language in real contexts.

Expanded culture and revision sections in the new edition provide additional activities and practice for students, and further resources for teachers.

Toàn bộ file nghe của bộ sách này TẠI ĐÂY ( có thể nghe trên mọi thiết bị có internet).

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