[Sách] Cambridge English Skills Real : READING - WRITING - LISTENING SPEAKING (tiếng Anh cho người lớn)

Serie này của Cambridge có 3 bộ, mỗi bộ gồm 4 levels, xem chi  tiết phía dưới:

  • Cambridge English Skills Real Reading (Level 1-2-3-4)
  • Cambridge English Skills Real Writing (Level 1-2-3-4) . Kèm AUDIO
  • Cambridge English Skills Real Listening and Speaking (Level 1-2-3-4) . Kèm AUDIO

A four-level skills-based series for young adults and adults
Suitable for self-study or classroom use.

Cambridge English Skills is a four-level skills series specially designed for adults and young adults wanting to communicate confidently in English wherever they are – at home, at work, travelling, studying or socialising with English-speaking friends.

Many learners study long and hard, but still feel unprepared for everyday life in an English-speaking world. Sound familiar? Then Cambridge English Skills could be just what your students need, whether they’re studying alone or in the classroom.

Learners can develop the skills they need to use English confidently wherever they are – at home, at work, travelling, studying or in social situations with English-speaking friends.

Activities cover a whole range of everyday situations and really help students to understand the English they meet in the world around them.


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