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15 Minutes a Day To Hundreds of New Words a Year!
Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success is the first vocabulary program to offer you a systematic, teacher-directed approach to improving your students’ reading achievement.
This unique program is: Research-Based. Developed based on research that is proven effective for all students. Aligns to State Standards and No Child Left Behind for Vocabulary Development. Explicit and Comprehensive. An easy-to-manage, complete instructional program that models effective word learning and gives multiple exposures to hundreds of important words to ensure mastery. Strategy Based. Teaches word learning principles and strategies together to increase vocabulary rapidly and to make vocabulary learning an on-going, cumulative process. Test Score Boosting. Gives instruction for hundreds of high-utility, academic and content-area words and effective tools for deciphering hundreds more unknown words all found on state and national tests. A powerful combination for ensuring higher test scores.

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