[Sách] Succeed in Cambridge English: Flyers– 2018 edition – Sách gáy xoắn

5.00 (6 đánh giá) 265 đã bán


Key Features

  • 8 complete Practice Tests for young learners who are preparing for the revised Cambridge English: Flyers exam (from 2018).
  • The tests consist of full-colour attractive illustrations and fun activities that are appealing to young learners.
  • The accompanied Audio Scripts & Answers booklet includes information about the marking scheme, the answers to all the exercises, the Flyers vocabulary list, examples of the type of interaction expected in the Speaking section and the Audio Scripts.
  • The CD includes the audio files for the Listening section for all 8 tests, as well as the complimentary interactive edition of two tests(cross-platform compatible).


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6 đánh giá cho [Sách] Succeed in Cambridge English: Flyers– 2018 edition – Sách gáy xoắn
5.00 Đánh giá trung bình
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    This book was bought as a gift for a friend’s daughter. She was doing online classes. I looked through this book before I gave it to her and it was laid out very well. She even had room to work problems in the book. I was very satisfied with this book and would order another one if needed.

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    Awesome book

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    Very good experience !!!!

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