[Sách] All Clear 1 Listening and Speaking (Book with Answer Key) 2nd Edition- Sách gáy xoắn


All Clear teaches students to recognize and produce the high-frequency idioms, phrases, and contemporary expressions needed in a range of conversational situations. Each lesson focuses initially on chunks of language in the form of idioms and other expressions (collocations) and then provides many structured and communicative activities for speaking, listening, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and public speaking practice.

All clear 1, 2, 3 include dialogues set up the lesson theme and serve as springboards for learning the idioms and other expressions; listening skills are developed through pre-, while-, and post-listening activities related to each units introductory dialogue; “Your Turn” speaking activities encourage learners to use the newly acquired idioms and expressions interactively; numerous listening and speaking activities help build fluency through the integration of reading, writing, and grammar skills; special attention is given to the grammar related to expressions in order to help develop fluency and accuracy.

All Clear 1 – High-beginning and intermediate levels
Book and 2 Audio CDs

All Clear 2 – Intermediate and high-intermediate levels
Book and 2 Audio CDs

All Clear 3 – Advanced level
Book and 3 Audio CDs

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