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The Our World Level 3 Picture Cards are a set of dry-erase cards that represent each target vocabulary term
taught in Level 3 of Our World. These Picture Cards can be used to preview, teach, and review vocabulary
and grammar. Each card is designed to be used by both teachers and students. High-quality, engaging
photographs and illustrations support visual learning, while exposing students to target terms in new


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Suggested Activities
Picture Card games and activities are grouped into four categories:
• general activities and games that can be used in large or small classes
• more challenging activities and games
• activities and games that work best with small classes
• activities and games that help students learn to spell the vocabulary
These types of activities and games will help students use and recycle vocabulary, as well as learn new
vocabulary. They can be used to provide multiple exposures to target language, something that research
has shown to be a highly effective tool in teaching and learning English.

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