[Sách] Mathematics for Australia 10A Textbook Year 10 Advanced Australian Curriculum (2013 First Edition) – Sách gáy xoắn

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Mathematics for Australia 10A has been designed and written for the Australian Curriculum. The textbook covers all of the content outlined in the Year 10 and Year 10A curricula. Students who have an interest in mathematics, and are intending to study more rigorous mathematics courses in Years 11 and 12, will benefit from completing the more challenging material provided in this textbook. The textbook is best used in conjunction with the related year levels in our ‘Mathematics for Australia’ series.

The textbook has been structured to give an abbreviated coverage of the more basic Year 10 curriculum content, allowing students to complete both the Year 10 and the Year 10A requirements within the school year. There is a lot of work in the book; students should not feel obliged to complete all of the problems in a section if they understand the topic well.

The textbook and interactive student CD provide an engaging and structured package, allowing students to explore and develop their confidence in mathematics. The material is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow style, free from unnecessary distractions, while effort has been made to contextualise questions so that students can relate concepts to everyday use.

Each chapter begins with an Opening Problem, offering an insight into the application of the mathematics that will be studied in the chapter. Important information and key notes are highlighted, while worked examples provide step-by-step instructions with concise and relevant explanations. Discussions, Activities, Investigations, Puzzles, and Research exercises are used throughout the chapters to develop understanding, problem solving, and reasoning, within an interactive environment.

Extensive Review Sets are located at the end of each chapter, comprising a range of question types including short answer, extended response, and multiple choice.

Year Published: 2013
Page Count: 616
ISBN: 978-1-921972-24-9 (9781921972249)


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