[Sách] Nelson Science (2nd Edition 2022)

Nelson Science

Real-life science in your classroom

Trust in the rigour of Nelson to engage your students in real-world science.

This fully refreshed Primary Science course for ages 4 to 11 offers a full suite of print and digital teaching and learning resources, including implementation support and assessment.

Nelson Science is underpinned by practical ‘Science in Action’ activities that have real-life applications. This programme is fully aligned to the English National Curriculum and can also be used to support International Curricula, such as the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.

  • ‘Starter Level’ provides resources that specifically cater to Early Years
  • Activities and experiments based on real-life contexts engage students by taking a practical approach to science. Children use everyday objects, with no need to invest in specialist equipment
  • eBooks are available on Oxford Owl for use by Teachers at the front of class or students for independent reading
  • Assessment and progress tracking on Oxford Owl enables you to monitor student progress and identify learning gaps
  • ‘Science in Action’ feature connects learning with life outside the classroom and engages students through interesting real-world facts
  • Teacher’s Books offer step-by-step lesson plans, differentiation support, additional challenge ideas, and answers to all activities.