[Sách] My PALS are HERE! Maths (3rd Edition)

Bộ sách Toán Singpapre này gồm 6 cấp độ cho tiểu học , tổng là 24 cuốn ( gồm cả sách học và sách bài tập).

My Pals Are Here! Maths (3rd Edition) is based on the preferred series of Singapore schools and is aligned to the Ministry of Education’s latest syllabus. Drawing from extensive research and feedback from teachers and pupils, the 3rd edition has evolved to further strengthen mathematical concept development through the inclusion of new features to meet the needs of educators, pupils, and parents.

My Pals Are Here! Maths (3rd Edition) Workbook complements the Pupil’s Book using a variety of questions, word problems and riddles for reinforcement, testing and consolidation of concepts.

Key Features

  1. Practice reinforces essential mathematical concepts, skills and problem-solving strategies using graded questions arranged in staggered levels of difficulty.
  2. Maths Journal provides opportunities for self reflection
  3. Challenging Practice broadens pupils’ thinking skills and extends their understanding of mathematics concepts.
  4. Problem Solving challenges pupils to use relevant heuristics for non-routine questions.
  5. Review consolidates concepts after every two to four chapters.
  6. Performance Task assesses the pupils’ knowledge and conceptual understanding through questions and activities that involve concrete materials.