[Sách] I-Learn Smart Maths ( trọn bộ 5 levels) dành cho cấp Tiểu học English-Vietnamese version

Dr. Eric Chan Chung Ming
Vietnam News Agency Publishing House

Levels: 5

Age: 6-10

I – learn Maths is a five-level series based on the latest Primary Mathematics curriculum of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. This series supports the Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach to enhance conceptual understanding and the teaching of mathematics.

The features in the Student’s Books are designed to encourage active learning on the part of students. Through their learning experiences, we hope students can understand mathematical concepts effectively, acquire the skills for everyday use, build confidence, and foster interest in mathematics.


  • Engaging contents using authentic context closely connected to the real world
  • Problem-solving skills learned through a structured four-stage approach adapted from Polya
  • The clear transition of concepts within topics
  • Clear scaffolding of visualization
  • Easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide with the wrap-around format incorporated in both the textbook and workbook and specific instructional objectives for different topics.

English-Vietnamese version:

  • Student’s book: 5 books, level 1-5
  • Workbook: 5 books, level 1-5
  • Teacher’s Guide book: 5 books, level 1-5