[Sách] Collins Explore English (ESL 2021) 0057

Lưu ý: Phiên bản cũ hơn của bộ sách này xem tại đây.

Đây là sách dành cho học sinh học tiếng  Anh như Second Language (ví dụ như học sinh ở Việt Nam)

Collins Explore English has been written with a range of international contexts in mind and offers progression within and across levels. The course offers full coverage of the new Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum framework.

  • Provide full coverage of the curriculum framework with a Student’s Book, Workbook and Teacher’s Guide – also available in eBook format
  • Provide excitement and enjoyment with a visually appealing magazine-style book
  • Activate imaginations and help create an inclusive learning environment
  • Develop language skills with an emphasis on practical communication
  • Support the Cambridge Global Perspectives™ programme with a section highlighting activities that could be used to develop and practise the Global Perspectives skills