[Sách] Collins Cobuild English Guides (10 books)

Bộ sách gồm 10  volumes, một số volume có cả bản gốc tiếng Anh và bản song ngữ Anh Việt (Quý khách xem phía dưới):

  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 1 Prepositions
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 2 Word Formation
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 3 Articles
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 4 Confusable Words
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 5 REPORTING
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 6 – Homophones
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 7 METAPHOR
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 8 – Spelling (dịch và chú giải Nguyễn Thành Yến)
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 9 Linking Words
  • Collins Cobuild English Guides 10 DETERMINERS AND QUANTIFIERS


The Cobuild Guides each deal with a key area of English. In addition to our general dictionaries and Grammar we have been planning for some time to add smaller but more detailed handbooks dealing with important aspects of grammar and usage.
Each book is specially designed for a specific job. Most have a reference-book style, and some include practice material as well. They are all based on real examples drawn from the 20 million words of the Birmingham Collection of English Text and a further 5 million words from the Times newspapers which now form a part of The Bank of English.
The advantages of a Guide which deals with one particular part of English are that there is room for more information than in a big general dictionary, and that this information is easier to find.
This book provides information about the combination of words and prepositions in English, something you need to know for almost every sentence you write or speak. In many cases there is one particular preposition that regularly occurs in relation to a meaning of a word, and it is not always easy to work out which preposition is the appropriate one.

Using this Guide should make this area of English clearer to you. Each preposition has a characteristic range of meaning, and many uses of prepositions are quite regular. Their normal patterns are found in Part One of the book. There are 124 prepositions and 556 different uses.
However, in addition to this, there are a large number of words in English that typically occur with particular prepositions, and these present problems for most learners. Part Two of the book lists these words, with examples. There are over 2,000 entries.

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