[Sách] Cambridge IGCSE ICT 3rd Edition (2021)

Develop a strong understanding of how and why technology and communication are essential to the world we live in. Created to support the Cambridge IGCSE™ Information & Communication Technology syllabuses (0983/0417), the series brings real-life ICT to your class. The series focusses on strengthening practical skills and allowing learners to apply theory to real-life scenarios, building core skills they will use in all areas of life. Our research informs us that teachers want activities to reach students of all levels of understanding. A three-tiered approach to practical tasks throughout our coursebook and workbook develop fundamental skills and challenges more confident students, at home or in class. As well as this, our teacher’s resource includes over 400 teaching activity ideas, teaching plans, language support, homework ideas and differentiated worksheets, giving you and your students plenty of support throughout the course.